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Is your Garage door Panel Damaged?

The most common way garage door panels are damaged is by accidentally running into the garage door with your car or another vehicle. If there has been an incident that resulted in a buckled section of your garage door, it’s important to call a professional right away.

Get the best Service for Your Garage Door Panel Replacement

Replacing a garage door panel can be dangerous as garage doors and the panels can be quite heavy. Also, your door contains complex mechanisms, and you’ll need the right tools, knowledge, and expertise to replace the panel correctly to ensure proper garage door operation.

Cost-Effective Solutions

When you turn to Lincoln Garage Doors, you can expect the most cost-effective solution. Our expert technicians will offer a variety of options with an on-site cost estimate.

We will assess the damage and see if we can replace only the affected section. We will recommend a replacement if only the bottom part is damaged. Our technicians will also provide options to ensure that the new panel will blend well with the other panels.

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